The Revised First Volume of Ahoy & Farewell
Now Available

The first volume of Ahoy & Farewell, no longer in print, was originally written in 1969 and published in 1970 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of The Marine Historical Society of Detroit, Inc. It chronicled vessels that entered service on the Lakes (Ahoy) or that had left the Lakes (Farewell) during the 15-year period starting with the 1954 season. This revised edition has been expanded to include updated information for ships in the first book plus the contents of two supplements that listed ships which left the Lakes during the period 1944 through 1954 and ships new to the Lakes from 1944 through 1955. These supplements were made available to the membership in 1954 for our tenth anniversary and in 1955 for our eleventh anniversary respectively. These three publications together spanned a very active and significant 25-year period. Because of the interest in this era it was decided to rewrite the first “Ahoy & Farewell” with the above mentioned additions; an endeavor that took nearly 6 years to produce.

With few exceptions, more than 700 vessels of 1000 gross registered tons or more that comprised the US and Canadian Great Lakes fleet are included in this book, keeping in tune with Ahoy & Farewell II (over 440 vessels). This revised and rewritten hardbound book is 235 pages long compared to 120 pages of the original Ahoy & Farewell book and includes over 90 high quality, and in many cases, very rare photographs. No expense was spared on the heavy duty binding, high quality paper, the colorful dust jacket, or the unique hardbound cover, which includes the dust jacket color photo. 


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