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Preserving The Maritime History of the Great Lakes

The Marine Historical Society of Detroit, a non-profit organization founded in 1944, provides a focal point for individuals and organizations interested in and concerned with the history of the Great Lakes and its maritime heritage.

Benson Ford aground Amherstburg tug SM Dean 1959- GB.jpg

Our projects

What our team is working to bring to our members


Our scanning project is a new initiative focused on preserving historical images from collections across the Great Lakes region. We are working diligently to digitize and showcase the work of past Great Lakes photographers, allowing future generations to appreciate and learn from these important cultural and historical artifacts.


Our team is developing a searchable image database that will be easily accessed by our members. We are focused on creating a user-friendly platform that will streamline the process of finding and utilizing images for our members' projects. The database will also feature all of the former Historian of the Year winners.


Our logbook project is aimed to create an electronic database of MHSD logbooks and corporate records for historical research. This project will preserve and make accessible valuable historical documents for future generations to use in their research.

Ahoy & Farewell III

MHSD is excited to bring Ahoy & Farewell: Volume 3 to its membership, showcasing in-depth histories and images of vessels. With the first edition released in 1970 and the second in 2001, this highly anticipated project will include a number of color photographs and information on past Great Lakes photographers. Preorder your copy here!

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