Marine Historical Society of Detroit's
Quiz Number One
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1. The largest vessel to be built on the Great Lakes is the?
A. James R Barker
B. William J De Lancey
D. Stewart J Cort
E. Belle River

2. How many vessels have sailed with the name Samuel Mather?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4

3. The only lock at the Soo that can handle 1000 footers is the?
A. Sabin Lock
B. Newly rebuilt Canadian lock
C. Mac Arthur Lock
D. Poe Lock

4. In 1960, the "Canadian Lakehead" referred to what 2 cities?
A. Duluth & Thunder Bay
B. Duluth & Superior
C. Thunder Bay & Nipigon Bay
D. Fort William & Port Arthur

5. The last ship built by the Great Lakes Engineering Works at River Rouge was the?
A. Edmund Fitzgerald
B. Herbert C Jackson
C. William Clay Ford (1)
D. Arthur B Homer

6. The last steam powered bulker built and currently sailing on the Great Lakes is the?
A. Algocen (2)
B. John J Boland (3)
C. Canadian Leader
D. Don-De-Dieu

7. The "Governor Miller Class" was made up of 4 vessels including the Governor Miller. The other three were the?
A. John Hulst, William A Irvin, & Walter E Watson
B. Robert Hobson, William A Irvin, & Ralph H Watson
C. Leon Fraser, A H Ferbert, & Enders M Voorhees
D. John Hulst, William A Irvin, & Ralph H Watson

8. One of the last commercially operated schooners on the Great Lakes was the?
A. J T Wing
B. Flying Spray
C. J B Comstock
D. Aberdeen

9. The horsepower rating of a reciprocating steam engine is stated as?
A. SHP-Shaft Horsepower
B. BHP-Brake Horsepower
C. CHP-Continuous Horsepower
D. IHP-Indicated Horsepower

10. The famous wrecking tug Favorite sailed for which Great Lakes Company?
A. Great Lakes Towing
B. Reid & Sons Wrecking
C. Newman Wrecking
D. Great Lakes Dock & Dredge

11. The sailing vessel David Dows was built in 1881 at Toledo with how many masts?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 2
D. 4

12. When the first Frankcliffe Hall sank in 1982, her name at the time was?
A. Maurice Desgagnes
B. Thalassa Desgagnes
C. Roland Desgagnes
D. Eva Desgagnes

13. Marinsal was?
A. A tug owned by the St Lawrence Seaway Authority
B. The last 4 masted schooner on the Great Lakes
C. A Michigan Marine salvage barge
D. The laker used with powered shunters to speed locking process

14. The Cliffs Victory's a)name (original name) was?
A. Dartmouth Victory
B. Notre Dame Victory
C. Columbia Victory
D. Princeton Victory

15. The Mesaba Steamship Company merged with 7 other fleets to form which modern day fleet?
A. Interlake Steamship Company
B. U S Steel Great Lakes Fleet
C. American Steamship Company
D. Oglebay Norton Company

16. The a)name of the third Benson Ford was?
A. Walter A Sterling
B. Benson Ford (2)
C. Edward B Greene
D. John Dykstra

17. Many Lake vessels were requisitioned by the U S Shipping Board for use during World War I . Which of the following package freighters were cut in half and bulkheaded in order to traverse the St. Lawrence Seaway canal system for this purpose?
A. Saranac
B. Fort Henry
C. Octorara
D. Juniata

18. Which of the following passenger boats tragically burned, killing many people ultimately signaling the end of the overnight wooden passenger boat service?
A. Huronic
B. Hamonic
C. Harmonic
D. Noronic

19. The last carferry to operate for Grand Trunk when G. T. terminated cross Lake Michigan service November 1, 1978 was the?
A. Grand Rapids
B. City of Milwaukee
C. Grand Haven
D. City of Green Bay

20. Automobiles can travel from Tobermory directly to South Baymouth (Ontario) on the?
A. Manitoulin Island Bridge
B. Jiimaan
C. Lakespan Ontario
D. Chi-Cheemaun

21. The first Great Lakes vessel fitted with a self-unloading conveying system was?
A. Wyandotte (1)
B. Hennepin
C. Topeka
D. Onoko

22. The passenger and freight conveying company Richelieu and Ontario Navigation was absorbed by?
A. Canada Steamship Lines
B. Upper Lakes & St. Lawrence Transportation Co.
C. Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
D. Ontario Ministry of Transportation

23. The "Little Davidson" as this vessel is sometimes referred to as, was the?
A. James Davidson
B. Louis R Davidson
C. James E Davidson
D. Thomas A. Davidson

24. The steamship General Garretson sailed for which of the following fleets?
A. Gilchrist Transportation Company
B. Minerva Steamship Company
C. Bethlehem Steel Corporation
D. Hubbard Steamship Company

25. The Howard M Hanna, Jr (1) was wrecked during which famous storm?
A. Storm of 1913
B. Storm of 1905
C. Storm of 1916
D. "Armistice Day" Storm of 1940

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Questions come from the combined talents of the Marine Historical Society of Detroit's board members. Each question is reviewed and checked for accuracy against one of our many fine publications.