Marine Historical Society of Detroit's
Quiz Number Two
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1. Which vessel began construction as a tanker but ended up as bulker?
Thunder Bay
Murray Bay
Georgian Bay
Meldrum Bay

2. Which of the following vessels was lengthened twice?
Cliffs Victory
Arthur B. Homer
Detroit Edison

3. Name the last vessel equipped with a quadruple expansion steam engine to operate on the Great Lakes?
William G Mather
L E Block
E M Ford

4. Which fleet ended up with the most vessels from Republic Steel's dissolved fleet ?
Columbia Transportation
Cleveland Cliffs
Interlake (PM)
Wilson Marine Transit

5. What was the last operating overnight wooden super structure passenger vessel on the lakes?
North American
South American
Western States

6. Which vessel received and sailed with a retired vessel's steam whistle? (For extra credit, name the retired vessel.)
Meldrum Bay
James Norris
Thomas F. Patton
S. T. Crapo

7. Name the first iron hulled bulk carrier on the Great Lakes.
R J Hackett
Forest City
Walk-In -The -Water

8. Which of the following was the earliest diesel powered bulker (bulk freighter) to sail on the Great Lakes?
Henry Ford II
Benson Ford (1)
Interwaterways Line Incorporated 104
B B Mc Coll

9. Name the last operating lightship on the Great Lakes.
Lightship 101
Lightship 102
Lightship 103
Lightship 104

10. The first 1000 foot vessel to sail on the Great Lakes was?
Presque Isle
Roger Blough
Stewart J Cort
Lewis Wilson Foy

11. The first Hulett unloading system was built in 1899 at what port?

12. The first vessel built with arch design in the cargo holds was?
John Ericsson
Elbert H Gary
J Pierpont Morgan
Augustus B Wolvin

13. Which U S Coast Guard buoy tender sank while retrieving buoys on Lake Superior in November, 1989?

14. A typical length for a canaller in 1925 was?
259 feet
130 feet
730 feet
400 feet

15. Which of the following sidewheel steamers was converted to a training aircraft carrier for use on Lake Michigan during World War II ?
Greater Detroit
City of Buffalo

16. Which of the following vessels received 9 service stars for service in the Pacific Theater while receiving one bomb hit and shooting one Japanese bomber down ?
Lee A Tregurtha
McKee Sons
J A W Iglehart

17. What year did the Livingstone Channel open (separate downbound channel in the lower Detroit River) ?

18. One of the first bowthrusters to be used on the Great Lakes was installed in 1961 on which bulker?
G G Post
Robert J Paisley
J R Sensibar

19. This vessel took on water while unloading at Thorold, Ontario in the Welland Canal sinking to the bottom. She was re-floated by draining the canal between Lock 7 and the old Guard Gate, pumping the vessel out, and re-flooding the canal. Name this vessel.
Leadale (2)

20. The fourth and last Welland Canal, which moved the Lake Ontario entrance to Port Weller, was completed in what year?

21. During her first six weeks of service, this "Maritimer" experienced severe cracking across her spar deck while in a November blow on Lake Superior. Only by strapping her together with her mooring cables and with help from two fleetmates was she able to avoid foundering. Name this vessel.
Clarence B Randall
Thomas Wilson
Robert C Stanley

22. This vessel was the first to be designed and built on the Great Lakes solely as a bulk cement carrier.
Lewis G Harriman
S T Crapo

23. Which vessel's sinking in the St. Clair River prompted controlled one way traffic under the Blue Water Bridge and the present day vessel traffic call-in system?
A M Byers when hit head-on by E M Ford in 1955
M/V Emssstein when hit by M/V Olympic Pearl in 1966
Sylvania when hit by Renvoyle in 1967
Sydney E Smith Jr when hit by Parker Evans in 1972

24. Which Gilchrist steamer in 1909, hit and tore the lower lock gate off the Canadian Lock cascading the CPR Assiniboia and the "Tin Stacker" Crescent City uncontrollably into the lower river at the Soo?
R L Ireland
E W Oglebay
Thomas Maythem
Perry G Walker

25. What three masted schooner was nicknamed "The Christmas Tree Ship" after sinking on November 27, 1913 in a gale off Sturgeon Bay, Wis. on Lake Michigan?
Rouse Simmons
Our Son

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Questions come from the combined talents of the Marine Historical Society of Detroit's board members. Each question is reviewed and checked for accuracy against one of our many fine publications.