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Great Lakes Ships We Remember

Volumes I, II, III

We Remember...

Down through the ages, the fascination and romance of ships has captivated the thousands who have watched the leviathans plow through calm or troubled global waters. Great Lakes ships, as well as the men who have labored aboard them, have added their enthusiasts since La Salles's Griffon first sailed these inland waters. We remember these ships, old and new, and now recall in story and pictures some of the fascination we have felt for them.

Rev. Peter Van der Linden Editor

* City of Detroit III Passenger Steamer - Volume I, pages 111, 112

* Carl D. Bradley Self-unloader - Volume I, pages 49, 50

* Edmund Fitzgerald Bulk Carrier - Volume I, pages 185, 186

* Rhoda Emily Lumber Hooker - Volume I, page 175, 176

* John Ericsson Whaleback Steamer - Volume II, pages 104, 105

* Sainte Marie Rail Carferry - Volume II, pages 308, 309

* Sulphite Tug - Volume II, pages 335, 336

* Azov Schooner - Volume III, pages 20, 21

* Imperial Simcoe Tanker - Volume III, pages 190, 191

* Sylvania Bulk Carrier - Volume III, pages 382, 385

These books are no longer in publication but may be found at your local bookstore. 

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