PERE MARQUETTE 21, US.223796, Twin Screw Passenger and Railroad Car Ferry built in 1924 at a cost of $875,000 by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, WI as Hull #209. Launched March 18, 1924 as a) PERE MARQUETTE 21 for the Pere Marquette Railway Co., Detroit, MI. 360'loa, 348'lbp x 56'x 21'6"; 2992 GRT, 1511 NRT. Powered by two 1,350 ihp triple expansion steam engines, 20 1/2",34",56" dia. x 36" stroke, and four coal-fired Scotch marine boilers, 14'6"x 11', with a total heating surface of 9,752 sq.ft. Engines built in 1924 by the shipyard and the boilers were built in 1919 by the shipyard. Her rated service speed was 14 knots (16.1 mph). The PM 21 entered service in August, 1924. The PERE MARQUETTE 21 was equipped with 12 passenger cabins and could accommodate 132 passengers on deck. On her main deck she could carry 30 standard freight rail cars on four tracks. In 1937 her registered tonnage increased to 3016 GRT and 1532 NRT with the addition of 28 passenger cabins which brought the total to 40. The PM 21 was lengthened 40 feet to 400'loa, 388'lbp by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co. during the winter of 1953-54 and was repowered with two 2,850 ihp four cylinder steeple compound Skinner Unaflow steam engines, 19 1/2", 43" dia. x 26" stroke, built in 1954 by the Skinner Engine Co., Erie, PA and four coal-fired Foster-Wheeler water tube boilers with a total heating surface of 25,032 sq.ft. Rated service speed: 18 knots (20.7 mph). Her rail car capacity increased to 34. Tonnage change: 3558 GRT, 1935 NRT. In 1973 the PM 21 was sold to the Construction Aggregates Corp., Chicago, IL and reduced to a barge in 1974 by Edward Gillen & Co., Milwaukee, WI. New tonnage: 3190 GRT, 3173 NRT. On November 29, 1974 the PERE MARQUETTE 21 was loaded with remnants of Port Huron's Peerless Cement Dock, which reportedly were bound for Saudi Arabia, and cleared there in tow of the GLT tugs AMERICA and OHIO. She passed down the Welland Canal on December 11, 1974 towed by the tugs SALVAGE MONARCH and DANIEL McALLISTER on the way to Sorel, Que. where she was laid up. In November of 1976 she was sold to Co-ordinated Caribbean Transport Co., Miami, FL. The PERE MARQUETTE 21 cleared the Lakes in late 1976. About this time the PM 21 was renamed b) ESGRAN. New tonnage: 3480 GRT, 3473 NRT. In 1977 she was renamed c) CONSOLIDATOR. On November 12, 1980 she foundered in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras a victim of the hurricane Jean. There was no loss of life.