OAKGLEN (1), C.800680, Lake Bulk Freighter built in 1923 by the American Ship Building Co., Lorain, OH as Hull #784. Launched April 21, 1923 as a) WILLIAM H. WARNER, US.222986, for the Panda Steamship Co. (G.A. Tomlinson, mgr.), Cleveland, OH. 600loa, 580lbp x 60x 32; 7984 GRT, 6277 NRT, 13,600 dwt. Powered by a 2,200 ihp triple expansion steam engine, 24 1/2",41",65" dia. x 42" stroke, and three coal-fired Scotch marine boilers, 136" x 1010", with a combined heating surface of 5814 sq.ft. Engine and boilers built in 1923 by the shipyard. The WARNERs spar deck had 34 hatches on 12 foot centers covering three cargo holds of 4,650; 4,200; 4,650 tons capacity. The WILLIAM H. WARNER sailed on her maiden voyage June 8, 1923 from Lorain, under the command of Captain C.C. Tousley, with coal for Duluth. In the Fall of 1933 the WARNER was purchased by the International Harvester Co., Chicago, IL and in the Spring of 1934 was renamed b) THE INTERNATIONAL. New side tanks and a tank top were fitted in March, 1945. During the winter of 1949-50 her boilers were converted to oil-fired burners at Manitowoc, WI. A bow thruster was installed in 1965. Beginning in the winter of 1970-71 a large scale reconstruction program was carried out on the INTERNATIONAL by the Bay Ship Building Co. at Sturgeon Bay, WI over the following six winter seasons. The work included upgraded crew accommodations, a new tank top, side tanks and boiler work. In September, 1977 Envirodyne Inc., Los Angeles, CA became her new owner and on October 11, 1977 they renamed the vessel c) MAXINE. In 1980 she was chartered to Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Co. On August 14, 1981 the MAXINE was bought out of auction by the Triad Salvage Co., Ashtabula, OH for scrap but was traded in early November, 1981 to Pierson Steamships Ltd., Thorold, Ont. for the steamer H.C. HEIMBECKER and renamed d) J.F. VAUGHN. She was towed from South Chicago, IL by the TUG MALCOLM on November 15th and arrived at Hamilton, Ont. on November 27th with a load of soya beans which had been loaded at Toledo, OH. Canadian tonnage: 9343 GRT, 6650 NRT. She was officially registered Canadian April 15, 1982. In September, 1983 P&H Shipping Ltd., Mississauga, Ont. took over Pierson Shipping holdings and the following month renamed the ship e) OAKGLEN (1). In May, 1988 the OAKGLEN (1) was sold for scrap and sailed under her own power down the Welland Canal on May 29th on her way to Sorel, Que. On August 10th the OAKGLEN (1) departed Sorel in tandem with the KINSMAN INDEPENDENT (2) towed by the tug FAIRPLAY XIV for Aliaga, Turkey. The two bulkers arrived there October 2, 1988 to be scrapped by Cukurova Celik Endustrisi A.S. Dismantling began during the week of February 20, 1989.