MENIHEK LAKE, C.188393, Lake Bulk Freighter built in 1959 by the Collingwood Shipyards Ltd., Collingwood, Ont. as Hull #163. Launched January 12, 1959 as a) MENIHEK LAKE for Carryore Ltd. (M.A. Hanna Co.), Montreal, Que. 715’3"loa, 693’9"lbp x 75’x 37’9"; 17,023 GRT, 12,993 NRT, 24,500 dwt. Powered by a 9,350 shp double reduction geared cross-compound steam turbine built in 1959 by General Electric Co., Lynn, MA and two oil-fired water tube boilers with a combined heating surface of 11,872 sq.ft. Rated surface speed: 15 knots (17.3 mph). The MENIHEK LAKE entered service in May, 1959 and was the first vessel to sail for the two vessel Carryore fleet. She departed the shipyard on her maiden voyage downbound and loaded 24,900 tons of ore at Sept Iles, Que for delivery to Contracoeur. On October 26, 1977 she struck a lock in the St. Lawrence Seaway sustaining damage estimated at $400,000. In late March of 1980 the MENIHEK LAKE became the second vessel employed in an experiment to speed up lock through time in the Welland Canal.(The other was the PETER ROBERTSON (2)/MARINSAL) Two powered shunters, one attached to the bow and other to the stern, were built to propel ships into and out of a lock. The experiment lasted two months and when the shunter units were removed the MENIHEK LAKE returned to service for Carryore on May 10th. A bow thruster was installed over the winter of 1981-82 at the Wellandoc on the Welland Canal during her lay-up period from 1981 to 1983. The MENIHEK LAKE operated briefly in 1984 then went into lay-up at Hamilton, Ont. in July, 1984. In 1985 she was sold to Corostel Trading Ltd., scrap metal brokers. On August 15, 1985 the MENIHEK LAKE sailed under her own power to Quebec City and on August 30, 1985 she cleared Quebec with National Steel’s LEON FALK, JR. in tandem tow by the tug CAPT. IOANNIS S. The tow arrived at Vigo, Spain on September 25 where the MENIHEK LAKE was to be scrapped, but the local officials delayed her entry until the next morning. The FALK was towed to Gijón, Spain where she was scrapped. The Canadian registry for MENIHEK LAKE was officially closed on October 8, 1985 with the notation "sold Spain."