CONSUMERS POWER (3), US.226276, Lake Self-Unloading Bulk Freighter. Built in 1927 as a Straight Deck Lake Bulk Freighter by the American Ship Building Co., Lorain, OH as Hull #796. Launched December 30, 1926 as a) GEORGE M. HUMPHREY (1) for the Kinsman Transit Co., Cleveland, OH. 605'loa, 587'10"lbp x 60'x 32'; 8004 GRT, 6311 NRT. Powered by a 2,200 ihp triple expansion steam engine, 24 1/2",41",65" dia. x 42" stroke and three coal-fired Scotch marine boilers, 14' x 11'2", with a total heating surface of 7155 sq.ft. Engine and boilers built in 1927 by the shipyard. The GEORGE M. HUMPHREY (1) sunk in 80 feet of water after a collision with the steamer D.M. CLEMSON (2) , 1 7/8 miles, 79 degrees off Old Point Light, at 2:50 a.m. on June 15, 1943. The HUMPHREY was downbound in the fog shrouded Straits of Mackinac with 13,992 tons of ore for South Chicago, IL. Thirty-one of the crew were rescued by the steamer LAGONDA, the remaining eight by the CLEMSON. Kinsman abandoned the HUMPHREY to the underwriters as a total loss for $860,000. A contract for salvaging the wreck was awarded to Captain John Roen of Sturgeon Bay, WI in late October, 1943 to either remove the wreck by October 1, 1944 or demolish it in order to maintain a clearance of 35 feet of water over her deck. The first step was to salvage as much of the cargo as possible. About 8,000 tons of ore were lightered from a depth of 80 feet by clamshell bucket before winter ice formed. The cargo was sold to Algoma Steel Co. at the Canadian Soo. On May 6, 1944 the barges MAITLAND NO.1 and HILDA were employed as pontoons which were positioned over the sunken hull. Cables were attached to the HUMPHREY's hull and to the barges. The hull was raised through a series of lifts which allowed it to be brought into shallower water. Partial buoyancy was provided by the HUMPHREY's ballast tanks which were pumped out to about 25% of capacity. The HUMPHREY was patched and refloated on September 11, 1944. She was taken to the Manitowoc Ship Building Co., Manitowoc, WI first for an estimate of repairs which totaled $469,400, and then was towed to Sturgeon Bay by the tug JOHN ROEN III arriving there on September 9th. for reconditioning which was completed at a reported cost of $437,000. Captain John Roen's Roen Transportation Co. assumed ownership on September 18, 1944 and the next year the ship was renamed b) CAPTAIN JOHN ROEN. She re-entered service on May 1, 1945 chartered to the Pioneer Steamship Co., managed by Hutchinson & Co. on a commission basis. The following year her charter was transferred to the Interstate Steamship Co., a subsidiary of Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. Realizing that the bulk trades were too competitive, Roen sold the vessel to the American Steamship Co. (Boland & Cornelius, mgr.) on April 1, 1947 for $915,000. She was converted to a self--unloader in 1948 at the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co.; 8211 GRT, 6471 NRT, 13,500 dwt. and on November 25th was renamed c) ADAM E. CORNELIUS (2). Repowered in 1956 by a 5,500 shp double reduction geared cross-compound steam turbine built in 1956 by the Delaval Steam Turbine Co., and two Foster-Wheeler coal--fired water tube boilers, with a total heating surface of 11,304 sq.ft. New tonnage; 8217 GRT, 6440 NRT, 12,700 dwt. The CORNELIUS (2) was renamed d) CONSUMERS POWER (3) in 1958. A bow thruster was installed over the winter of 1965-66. Her boiler controls were automated, and a conversion to oil-fired burners along with a new tank top were completed during the winter of 1975-76 at the Nicholson Terminal & Dock Co., Ecorse, MI; a slight change in registered tonnage to 8215 GRT, 6439 NRT. She received extensive repairs and refitting work at Buffalo by the Nicholson & Hall Corp. over the winter of 1976-77, including bulkheads, plates and boilers. The CONSUMERS POWER (3) was chartered to Erie Sand Co. in 1980. Her last five-year inspection was at Port Weller on July 19, 1985. The CONSUMERS POWER (3) was laid up for the last time at Erie, PA on December 6, 1985. She was sold for scrap in March of 1988 and was towed out of Erie on May 2, 1988 by the tug W.N. TWOLAN, later joined by the tug GLENSIDE, and arrived at Lauzon, Que. on May 9th. On June 14th she cleared Lauzon in tandem tow with her former fleetmate, the steamer JOHN T. HUTCHINSON behind the Panamanian tug OMEGA 809.. The CONSUMERS POWER (3) passed through the Panama Canal July 12th as a single tow followed by the HUTCHINSON's tow two days later. The tandem tow arrived at Kaohsiung, Taiwan October 2, 1988 where dismantling began on October 14th by Li Chong Steel & Iron Works Co. Ltd.

Image from the Photo Gallery: Consumers Power, underway