CANADIAN EXPLORER, C.323003, Lake Bulk Freighter conversion. Built from part of a Coastal Package Freighter which was built in 1965 by Davie Shipbuilding Ltd., Lauzon, Que. as Hull No. #649 at a cost of $8 million Cdn. Launched May 12, 1965 as a) CABOT, C.323003, for the Gulf Ports Steamship Co. Ltd., Montreal, Que. (Clarke Steamship Co. Ltd., mgr.) 470'11"loa, 441'3"lbp x 56'x 32'; 6017 GRT, 3893 NRT, 7800 dwt. Powered by a 6,100 bhp, two stroke cycle, single acting, five cylinder diesel engine, 680mm (26.8") bore x 1250mm (49.2") stroke, built in 1965 by Sulzer Brothers, Inc., Winterthur, Switzerland. She was classified as Ice Class I standards and, equipped with a controllable pitch propeller, was capable of a service speed of nearly 17 knots (19.6 mph). On December 16, 1966 while loading at Montreal, the CABOT rolled over on her side and sank with a loss of two lives. She was refloated on January 18, 1967. Sold to Dingwall Shipping Co. Ltd. of Halifax, N.S. (Clarke Traffic Services Co. Ltd., mgr.) in 1968 and again in 1977 to Clarke Transport Canada Inc., Montreal. She sailed mostly to Newfoundland from Montreal with package freight until the summer of 1982 when she tied up for the last time at Montreal. The package freight trade had transformed into containerized shipping which required specially designed vessels. This spelled the end of vessels such as CABOT and her sister fleetmate CHIMO. On September 8, 1982 CABOT was towed from Montreal to Sorel, Que. where she laid up for the winter next to CHIMO. She was sold along with CHIMO to 12883 Canada Inc.(Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., mgr.), Toronto, Ont. on January 26, 1983 to use her after end to power a bulk carrier. She arrived April 27, 1983 at Hamilton, Ont., in tow of the tugs R.& L.NO.1 and JAMES McGRATH, and laid up there until she was towed by the same two tugs to Port Weller Dry Docks arriving there on May 17th. CABOT was moved onto the dry dock May 31st and two days later work began cutting her apart just forward of her aft located pilot house. Meanwhile work had begun early in 1983 on the T2 converted laker NORTHERN VENTURE at Hamilton, where she had been laid up in 1982. Her after end including her steam turbine power plant was separated from her 1961 German-built hull. This forward section, including a bow thruster but minus her pilot house, was towed by the tugs GLENEVIS and R.& L.NO.1 to Port Weller Dry Docks on June 25, 1983 where it was joined to the CABOT stern section. The forward section of the CABOT was towed to Port Maitland, Ont. on July 1, 1983 by the tug R.& L.NO.1 to be scrapped by Newman Steel and was dismantled early in 1984. The stern section of the NORTHERN VENTURE was also scrapped at Port Maitland. The new vessel was christened b) CANADIAN EXPLORER on October 29, 1983 at the Port Weller Dry Docks. A new Hull #71 was assigned at this time by the shipyard. (The powered stern section in this case retains the official number therefore the NORTHERN VENTURE surrendered hers when her stern was scrapped and removed from documentation.) New dimensions: 729'7"loa, 713'7"lbp x 75'x 39'3"; 16,353 GRT, 13,490 NRT, 26,499 dwt. Her new dimensions show a beam of 75 feet but the CABOT's width was 56 feet. This required at 25 foot long transition hull section to accommodate the 19 foot difference in beam. Also the pilot house was raised the equivalent of one deck to improve visibility from the wheel house. Sea trials were conducted on October 31, 1983 on Lake Erie where a service speed of 13.8 m.p.h. was recorded. She entered service on November 2nd bound for Duluth, Minn. where she loaded 851,000 bushels of corn. On November 16, 1983 she tied up in the Welland Canal for conversion related repairs. In a corporate restructuring move on December 28, 1983 her ownership was transferred to Ranex Shipping and was chartered to U.L.S. International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. of Toronto. In 1990 her charter to Seaway Bulk Carriers began in a cooperative effort between Upper Lakes and Algoma Central Railway's Marine Division. In service as of 1995.