AMERICAN REPUBLIC, US.633579, Twin Screw Self-Unloading Bulk Freighter built in 1981 by the Bay Shipbuilding Co., Sturgeon Bay, Wis. as Hull #724. Launched July 14, 1980 as a) AMERICAN REPUBLIC for the American Steamship Co., Buffalo, NY. 634'11"loa, 623'3"lbp x 68'x 40'; 12,158 GRT, 11,106 NRT, 24,790 dwt. Powered by two 3,600 bhp V-20 cylinder two stroke cycle, single acting diesel engines, 230mm (9.06") bore by 254mm (10") stroke, built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors Corp., La Grange, Ill. The AMERICAN REPUBLIC was built under Title XI of the Merchant Marine Act of 1970. This program allowed American shipping companies to construct new vessels or to modernize their existing fleet by government guaranteed financing and tax deferred benefits. The AMERICAN REPUBLIC was the last of ten ships launched for American Steamship under this program. The total cost of the ten ships was more than $250 million. The ten ships were the: ROGER KYES (1973), CHARLES E. WILSON (1973), H. LEE WHITE (1974), SAM LAUD (1975), ST. CLAIR (1976), BELLE RIVER (1977), BUFFALO (1978), INDIANA HARBOR (1979), AMERICAN MARINER (1980) and the AMERICAN REPUBLIC (1981). The sea trials for the AMERICAN REPUBLIC were conducted in Green Bay on April 8-10, May 4-11 and 18, 1981. The AMERICAN REPUBLIC's maiden voyage was on May 21, 1981 from Sturgeon Bay light to Escanaba, Mich. to load ore pellets for Cleveland, Ohio. This ship was specially designed and constructed to be the main shuttle for the movement of iron ore pellets between Lorain, Ohio and Republic Steel's docks five miles up the Cuyahoga River at Cleveland, Ohio. Her cargo capacity is limited to 20,000 tons on the Cuyahoga River, which is more than any other bulk carrier is capable of delivering. Special design features include four steering rudders, four flanking rudders, twin screws in fixed Kort nozzles, and 1500 hp bow and stern thrusters which allows her to navigate the winding river without tug assistance. The pilothouse is placed at the very aft of her stern-mounted superstructure with large windows fore and aft for maximum visibility during forward and rearward maneuvering. Equipped with dual controls fore and aft in the pilothouse, the ship can be maneuvered foreword and astern equally well. In service as of 1995.