Below are selected images from Roger LeLievre

Parker Evans, August, 1975, showing evidence of a collision.
National Steel's Thomas E. Millsop was a handsome steamer, as this 1972 photo shows.
John G. Munson, all dolled up for the 1976 Bicentennial. T.R. McLagan (Oakglen) is above the lock.

George G. Goble upbound in the lower St. Marys River, 1978.

Tanker Texaco Warrior in July 1978.

Tanker Cedarbranch upbound in the lower St. Marys River, July 1971.

Cleveland-Cliffs’ Raymond H. Reiss in July 1972.

Cliffs' Charles M. White shows off her handsome lines, July 1976.

One-of-a-kind Cliffs Victory in the late 1970s.

Paul Thayer in July 1974. We know her now as the Earl W. Oglebay.

D.C. Everest leaves the Canadian Lock in July, 1978.

Benson Ford being overtaken by Edward L. Ryerson on July 29, 1971.

USCG Naugatuck breaks ice at Mission Point in February 1974.

Fort York upbound on a calm morning in May 1974.

Pictures of the Wilfred Sykes don’t get much prettier than this September, 1974 view.

Nicely painted Menihek Lake in June, 1980 passing Six Mile Point.

Col. James Pickands smokes up a storm in June 1974.

Elmdale makes smoke in the late 1960s.

Tug Dolomite at the Soo, 7/1980. She is now the Great Lakes Towing tug Missouri.

Handsome H.C. Heimbecker downbound at Nine Mile Point in July 1978,

Tanker Mercury makes a December 1971 passage at Mission Point.

E.B. Barber, Algoma Central’s first self-unloader, on 8/28/1971.

Interlake's E.G. Grace upbound in the MacArthur Lock, Fall 1972.

Hudson, Great Lakes Maritime Academy training tug, makes port at the Soo just astern of the Valley Camp.

Imperial Sarnia at Mission Point on April 18. 1971. She has just passed the Fort William.
Gaelic tug Doengal tows the William A. Whitney past the Soo bound for Detroit in July, 1975
Sewell Avery, seen from the deck of the Valley Camp in August, 1972. The Avery’s hull is now part of a dock at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Murray Bay and a pre-self-unloader Armco pass at Nine Mile Point in August 1978.

Steamer McKee Sons in 1974.

John E. F. Misener, June 1978.

Tug Lauren Castle at the Soo July 1976.

Heron Bay and J.L. Mauthe in upper locks approaches, 10/78.

George G. Henderson in October, 1978.

Silver Isle (now Algoisle), downbound, 9/78.

U.S. Steel supply boat Ojibway in 1972, with the brand new Roger Blough in the background and an unidentified Canada Steamship Lines' flatback.

Tugs try to free saltie Marko Marulic, aground near Nine Mile Point in Aug. 1978. Right tug is Ste. Marie II. Tugs at left are Miseford and John McLean.

Royalton stern view, at dusk on July 28, 1971.

Outarde dowbound on 7/16/71.

Upper Lakes Shipping's Thornhill on one of her last trips in early 1976 before heading off the the shipbreaker.

Ernest T. Weir in June, 1978. We know her now as the self-unloader Courtney Burton.

Ernest R. Breech at Mission Point early in the 1974 season.

Ernest R. Breech and saltie Bordatxda pass near DeTour, July 1973.

Frank A. Sherman under stormy skies, 8/78.

Tug Thunder Cape tows the storage barge D.B. Weldon to Thunder Bay for scrapping in August, 1974.

U.S. Steel's Enders M. Voorhees on a cold January day in 1972 at Mission Point.

Classic steamer Westdale upbound in 1976.

Pic River upbound, August 1978.

Thomas Wilson in Columbia Transportation colors, in July 1976.

Uhlmann Brothers (Kinsman Marine) in the days before satellite TV.

Inland Steel’s E.J. Block downbound, 8/78.

L.E. Block in better days, July 1972, going under the International and railroad bridges at the Soo. Her rusting hulk sits today at Escanaba.

Scott Misener on a perfect day in August 1972.

Half a boat is better then none: Ford's John Dykstra in fog, July 1975.

Stack of the Frank R. Denton displays the once familiar Wilson Marine Transit Co. logo in 1971. The stack marking would disappear from the lakes forever just a year later.

Tug Laurence L. Turner (right) has just towed the historic Great Lakes Towing Co. wrecker Favorite in to the Soo (Oct. 1972) where plans are to restore her as part of the Valley Camp museum. (Funds were not forthcoming and she is eventually towed back down the lakes and scrapped).

View from the air in July 1976 as the Corps of Engineers construct what will later become Aune-Osborn campground at the Soo. Mission Point is at the upper left.

Vacationland, Straits of Mackinac carferry, boards passengers in the mid 1950s. Can you recognize the little Boatnerd-to-be?

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