OUTARDE Steel bulk freighter (U.S.202876) built in 1906 at Superior, Wisconsin by Superior Ship Building Company (Hull#513). Launched February 28, 1906 for Commonwealth Steamship Company (Hawgood Bros., mgr.) as a.) ABRAHAM STEARN: 525 X 55 X 31; 6,657 gross tons. Powered by a 1,760 i.h.p. triple expansion steam engine built by Detroit Ship Building Co. Owned in 1915 by Scott Steamship Co., (M.A. Hanna, mgr.) renamed b.) EDWARD N SAUNDERS JR. in 1919, she was owned by Calumet Transportation Co. (Hanna) and in 1930 by Producers Steamship Co. (Hanna). Renamed c.) JOHN C WILLIAMS in 1931, owned by National Steel Co., (Hanna). Purchased by Midland Steamship Co. in 1946. Renamed c.) MICHAEL K TEWKSBURY in 1956. Sold to Comet Enterprises Ltd., Quebec & Ontario Transportation Ltd. in 1962 remaned d.) OUTARDE (B.W.I. 316354). In 1965 she was registered Candian (C.316354). She was scrapped in Spain in 1974.
-Photo taken June, 1971

From the 1998 Calendar featuring photographs by Rene Beauchamp