Joan M. McCullough
JOAN M Mc CULLOUGH, Steel bulk freighter (U.S.226176) built in 1927 at Lorain, Ohio by American Ship Building Company (Hull #793). Launched October 7, 1926 for Interlake Steamship Compnay as a.) WILLIAM MC LAUGHLIN: 580 x 60 x 32; 8,024 gross tons. Powered by a 2,500 i.h.p. triple expansion steam engine built by American Steamship Co. Renamed b.) SAMUEL MATHER in 1966. Purchased by Soo River Co. in 1975, renamed c.) JOAN M Mc CULLOUGH (C.370162). Acquired by Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. in 1982 and renamed d.) BIRCHGLEN. Sold for scrap in 1988, scrapped at Point Edward, Nova Scotia.
-Photo taken June 6, 1976.

From the 1998 Calendar featuring photographs by Rene Beauchamp