CITY OF MILWAUKEE steel railway car ferry (U.S. 230443) built in 1931 by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, WI. (Hull #261) for the Grand Trunk -- Milwaukee Car Ferry Co., Muskegon, Michigan: 343' x 56' x 19'2"; 2,942 GRT. She has twin screws powered by two triple expansion steam engines and four scotch boilers all built at Manitowoc. Chartered to Ann Arbor Railroad in Fall of 1978 after termination of Grand Trunk's carferry service. Acquired by State of Michigan in 1980 and later by city of Frankfort in 1983 for museum use at Elberta, Michigan where she is currently moored. This classic steamer is the last of her type in existence.

Photo taken entering Frankfort, Michigan March, 1970
From the 1993 Calendar featuring photographs by Paul C. LaMarre, Jr.

Society for the Preservation of the S.S. City of Milwaukee