The vessel at left is the old-style canaller Edwin T. Douglas, which was superceded by the new-style canaller Calgadoc.
Caption on the post card reads "View showing the fuel docks which supply many freighters bearing cargos of oil and pulpwood in the Thousand Islands region, NY."

The Edwin T. Douglas , built 1923, sailed for Upper Lakes (carrying coal, not oil). At sometime was converted to barge P.S. Barge No 1. Miraculously she is still around, owned by McAllister Towing.

Calgadoc, built in 1956, sold off lakes 1975, sank off the coast of Mexico in 1981 (from Ahoy and Farewell).

Picture taken between 1956 and the early 60s.

Harold F. Keller, Alexandria Bay NY, from Roger LeLievre collection.