Greyhound (2)

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GREYHOUND (2), US.86621, Day-excursion, Sidewheel Passenger Steamer built in 1902 by the Detroit Ship Building Co., Wyandotte, Mich as Hull #146. Launched February 15, 1902 as a) GREYHOUND (2) for the White Star Line, Detroit, Mich. 290'loa-38'w-15'd; 1392 GRT, 748 NRT. Powered by an 1,100 ihp single cylinder walking beam steam engine and three coal-fired Scotch boilers. Engine, originally from GREYHOUND (1 ), rebuilt by S.F. Hodge, Detroit. Carrying capacity: 3,350 passengers. Ran mostly between Toledo, Sugar Island and  Detroit with occasional trips to Cedar Point and Put-In-Bay. Also made moonlight trips out of Toledo. Sold to the Red Star Navigation Co., Toledo in 1925. Laid up during the Depression   years due to lack of business. Scrapped in 1935-36 by the Toledo Salvage & Sales Co. -Picture credit: The Dowling Collection, UD-M Library-