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Dutch Canadian
By Chris Rombouts
The Dutch Canadian was built partly from the original drawings from the lake boat Richelieu and builder Chris Rombouts' own design.  The model is remote controlled including a working self unloading system.
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By Jamie Kerwin
Detailed static model of the Paterson. (Click on name to view pictures)

R/C Models by Scott Tomlinson
1000-footers and others.
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R/C Diesel tugs
By Tom Hynes
Fleet of diesel tugs based on the Lindberg tugboat kit. The tugs also have a barge to push.
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Another Diesel tug
By N. Schultheiss
Follow along with its building.

Tug Caroline T.
By George Gormly
The R/C tug is based on the Jim Wilder Tugboat kit.  An advanced kit involves fitting 60 or so 1/4" balsa strips to make the hull. The tug  is 32" long and seems quite heavy, but floats on the waterline.  George added navigation lights which were not included in the kit or instructions.
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Benson Ford
By Dennis Self
Scratch built using Evergreen plastic and Plastruct to make the decks, hatches and hatch crane. Construction took about 120 hours over 5 months. Many of the railings came from HO railroad parts. Assembled with Pro-weld and XR7 glue. Detail for the model came from a blue print of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The water was made from EZ water pellets from woodland scenes.

Edmund Fitzgerald
By Bob Schaar
Built from a kit from Carr's Hobby Shop in Duluth. Extra fittings were added from BlueJacket Ship Crafters in Maine.

Edmund Fitzgerald
By Bill Poland
The model is scratch built from bass wood. It is 1/1200 scale [1"=100'].

Carl D. Bradley
By Sam Watson

The model was scratch built except for fittings from A. J. Fischer using plans from the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes. The Carl D. Bradley (I)  last under the name Irvin L. Clymer, this was the original Carl D. launched in 1917.

Models by Jeff brown
Scratch built models of Great Lakes freighters.

By Barry Klinetobe.

VOCO Marine model of the "Tin Stacker" B.F. AFFLECK. The model took close to two years to build. It measures six feet long and weighs ten pounds.

J.P. Schroeder
A model named after its maker James Peter Schroeder/Nordstrom. The boat is 1/16" =1' in scale. The hull and upper works is made from a balsa. Windows and printing were drawn using Corel Draw, printed and glued in place. It is patterned after the Irving and the William A. Reiss.

Ship in a Bottle
Each ship-in-bottle is hand-crafted by Joe Barr. Joe starts with a block of wood and hand carves the hull. These models are so small that all parts and details must be hand-made.

Models by John Belliveau
All models are scratch built constructed from wood, the scale of the models are 1'=450".

Joseph L. Block
By Wayne M. Gray
Carved from two 2x4's. 32 inches long and completely built from scratch and photos.

David P. Thompson
By William J. Cary
The ore freighter David P. Thompson, hull carved from over size 2 by 4 and is 25 inches long. No plans from scratch and photo. I sailed on this in 1945. The Thompson became a self unloader. in 1957 and renamed the Joseph S. Young.

Clipper Ship
By William J. Cary
Made from three 2x6's glued and carved out. Some of the parts are from a model catalog.

John Ericsson
By Don Stauffer
Built to A.J. Fisher plans but the fittings are a combination of scratch fittings, fittings from Fisher, and fittings from other sources.

Huron Brave
By Don Stauffer
An 1870s vintage steam lumber carrying vessel. Plans are from A. J. Fisher in Royal Oak
(no longer in business).

By Don Stauffer
Scratch built to A.J. Fisher plans, and uses the A.J.Fisher fittings set.

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