Model Bow Thruster

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Most vessel sailing on the Great Lakes are equipped with a bow thruster and some even have stern thrusters.  The thruster is a tube running through the hull with a propeller in the center. This propeller can be used to push water from side to side and maneuver the bow or stern. This adds greatly to the vessel's maneuverability at low speeds.

Scale Bow Thruster by Graupner

If your not ready to build your own bow thruster this unit can be ordered for about $36 and easily installed. 6-1/2 long. Can be shortened to 2. Complete unit with SPEED 400 electric motor.

Out of the box

Tubes can be trimmed.

Close up of impeller

Video clips  

Video of the bow thruster in action
using 7.2 volts
(4.3 meg)

Another video. With the thruster running and one engine ahead, one astern the model can turn 360-degrees in its own length.
(3.3 volts)  (3.7 meg)

Power was reduced using an inexpensive voltage regulator.



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