Re: electric motor mounts

From: Dale
Remote Name:
Date: 12/21/09
Time: 10:23 AM


Bill, I built a motor mount using 1/4" plywood. Cut a base about the size of your motor, then cut 2 pieces as vertical stands with the shape of the motor in it to act as a block or bed for the motor to sit in.Glue them together and let the gule cure. I then cut 2 slots in the base piece for a hose gear clamp (the flat style) to go through. You have to open the gear and put the clamp in the slots, then bring them up around the motor and reconnect the flat end into the gear. Tighten the gear up and as it gets tight, you have to flatten it on the bottom to get it tight. You can use as many gear clamps as you wish, depending on the size of your motor. You can glue or screw the base plate to the bottom of your hull with blocks that you have glued in to take up the curve of the hull and let the base plate sit flat. The blocks will also allow you to raise or lower the motor's shaft in line with the prop. shaft. If your motor has to sit on an angle to be in line with your prop. shaft, cut a wedge of wood and slide it under the base plate to raise the motor until it is in line with the prop. shaft, then glue it in place.

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