Re: Whale back steamer Jo

From: Kirk Brust
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Date: 09/14/09
Time: 07:52 PM


If you look closely at the series of photos one of them shows the hull at the beginning stage. I used pink foam insulation (reenforced with plywood) sanded to the shape of the hull which was then coated with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. Once the fiberglass was sanded smooth the placement of the plating was drawn out in pencil using original drawings, photos and a wooden builders model as reference. The "plates" are cut from sheet styrene of .010 to represent the "inner "strake and .020 to represent the "outer " strake. Each of the approximately 600 plates were individually cut, formed and attached to the hull with CA glue. If you look very closely at one of the photos you will see the many thousands of rivets along the hull that are drops of enamel paint applied with a toothpick. The "whale backs" are very interesting an historic boats, I hope I have done them justice.

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