Re: Hull Construction

From: Brendan
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Date: 04/20/09
Time: 09:21 PM


There are three main ways to build your own hull: plank-on-frame, bread and butter, and moulded. Plank on frame hulls are fairly self-explanatory. You fasten cross-sectional frames to a keel, then cover them in planks/sheets of thin wood. Bread and butter hulls are built from large slabs of solid wood, usually either horizontal or vertical cross-sections, and then sanded to shape. It takes a lot of effort and leaves less interior room, but the result is nearly bombproof. Some people with the technology and skill make plugs or forms and either vaccuum-mould or lay fiberglass to produce a one-piece hull. The first thing you'll need to do regardless of method is a good set of plans. Are you building from your own design or is there a real world 'prototype' for your model?

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