Re: floating?

From: Richard Jenkins
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Date: 04/15/09
Time: 04:23 PM


On my Lindberg tug, I arranged the R/C gear so that everything is accessible through the opening inside the cabin, so there's no need to remove the main deck for access, and I permanently joined the deck to the hull and sealed it up to be watertight. I also added a coaming around the opening in the deck inside the cabin, so that water that got on deck would drain out through the scuppers rather than drain into the hull through the deck opening. I also sealed up the gap between the main deck and the raised fantail deck so water couldn't enter the hull back there. Without those modifications, R/C converted Lindberg tugs are limited to running on flat calm water due to the low freeboard. I've had mine out running in some pretty choppy conditions with waves breaking over the bow, and the inside of the hull has always stayed dry. Here's the link to my web page on the construction of my Lindberg tug:

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