Steamship Cliffs Victory

From: Tails
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Date: 11/21/08
Time: 12:04 AM


Im looking for some pictures and Information of the SS Cliffs Victory I model ships in 3D on the computer, and my latest project is the Cliffs Victory. The advantage I find of computer modeling, you can add the ships to existing simulators, and sail around in them, thats more then half the fun!! Anyway, I have run aground with the Cliffs Victory, none of the photos I have show detail of deck items, and most of all, what objects rest on the stern of the ship. Boatnerds profiles only show the super structure, with little detail of the stern. She is not a 100% accurate model, but I am doing my best with limited information. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great Kind Regards Tails radar1188[at]

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