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From: John
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Date: 08/27/08
Time: 10:48 PM


I believe the deck camber is pretty much the same from bow to stern on most ships. The bow sections on some boats may not have camber but the decks are pitched aft from teh shear so water will drain aft. The whole purpose of camber is to drain water from waves or weather off the deck. The camber does differ from ship to ship, more pronounced on older vessels and flatter on newer ships, some the new ships such as the 1970's built river class Wolverine, David Z. Norton, Earl W. Oglebay now named Calumet (3), Manitowoc, and Rober S. Pierson have very little if no camber. The 1000 footers have a small about that is two straight planes with a peak or high point at the ships longitudinal centerline, much like a roof of a house with very very little pitch. I hope this makes some sense :)

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