Re: filling gas tanks

From: Moritz
Remote Name:
Date: 06/05/08
Time: 06:28 PM


No, those gas tanks usually have no deairing vent, as it is not needed. If you can't fill the tank, I could think of two reasons: The fill valve could be stuck (some valves require maintenance from time to time by dismantling it and lubricating the O-rings with vaseline), or the tank is too warm, so the gas doesn't condense. You could check the first (if the fill valve opens at all) by screwing the tube towards the burner slightly loose and see if some gas escapes during your fill attempt. The latter can be resolved by splashing some liquid gas to the outside of the tank first to cool it down. And maybe you're using the wrong gas (Propane has a very low boiling point, so Butane (or at least a Butane mix) is much easier to fill).

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