Re: Scale Differences?

From: Keith M. Steffke
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Date: 04/26/08
Time: 09:18 PM


Thanks, Mortiz! I am aware of those plans; I was hoping you may of discovered or had some copies (any) of the originals. Only about half of the original linen positives (the originals used to make the working paper blueprints plans) of vessels launched by the Detroit Dry Dock Co, in the 1880's, have survived. While nearly all of their iron, steel & composite hulls are well-documented, their does not appears to be a single, contemporary "Lansdowne" (of significance) drawing surviving. Their wooden ships, of this era, are also under-represented. It is unfortunate, as she went through so many changes (3 stacks, then four, finally 2 - two then, one pilot house; repeated deck house changes, etc) in her 124 years.....and soon she will be just a memory. Best regards, Keith

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