Re: Scale Differences?

From: Keith
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Date: 04/25/08
Time: 08:38 PM


Hi, Moritz! Thank you for your reply - I appreciate the practical experience. My problem is that I have built everythng to the Standard American Museum Marine Scale of 1/8" = 1'... My entire, permament collection is done to that scale. I do have a few selected freighters at 1/16 for conveneince reasons (and a few 1/4 as well), but I do not want to really make a carferry in HO (I do not like or make R/C models and I am not a train guys so those also factor into my thought process) - I may just make a few cars, in the proper scale, to put on either the "Detroit" or the "F & PM # 14" which are the two I am contemplating... Incidentily, did you draw plans for the "Lansdowne" or know a scource for some? Best regards, and thanks! Keith M. Steffke

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