Re: Scale Differences?

From: Moritz
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Date: 04/23/08
Time: 11:41 PM


> There is a noticable difference Yes indeed. Between 1:87 and 1:96 there's more than 10% difference. That's negigible for H0 figures on 1:96 boats, but it ins't for railroad cars. If you look closer at Detroit River carferry plans, the space between smoke stacks or wheelshouses is very tight and filled completely with the loading gauge of the tracks. In a H0 model, it's a matter of millimeters. For a H0 track, you should not go below 42 mm lateral clearance if you want to use commercial H0 cars. If you build the ferry in 1:96 scale however (some 4 mm difference per track!), you either wouldn't be able to use H0 cars, or you would have to enlarge the lateral dimensions. But why not then build the entire ferry to proper H0 scale? Every copyshop or blueprint reproservice can do the conversion easily (I've done this with the 1:96 plans both of the Transfer and of the Lansdowne)

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