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From: Bearco Marine
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Date: 04/20/08
Time: 08:04 AM


We have a very realistic way of making handrails. We use short pieces of .015 music wire that would be representative of the height of the rail on the deck. We made sure to put a 1/16" square balsa on the deck, protected by the hull so it is inset at 1/16", you don't even notice it is there. Then we dip each piece of the handrail in Ambroid glue and push it into the balsa (use a thimble on your finger or else "ouch"). Let all those dry for a few days. Then go back and weave 2 rows of black thread, one mid rail and one at top of rail. Tie them off tightly at each add or glue to inside of coaming. Then at each place where the thread touches the wire, put a tiny dab of Ambroid glue using a toothpick. When this is all dry, paint the posts and thread with black paint. It looks just like the real rebar and cable used on the main deck of a Great Lakes Freighter. Send us an email at if you would like detailed pictures. Hope this helps and Happy Modeling! Esther

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