Live Steam /Tugs & Barges

From: Rick Tremblay
Remote Name:
Date: 02/07/08
Time: 12:40 PM


Ahoy Fellow Modelers, I'am an old R/C modeler from back when.I love all forms of modeling but live steam really tickles my Rudder! I've been away from the hobby some 20 years and the itch is back. I scrached built an live steam tug from the 1920s era and am pulling her out of dry dock hopely for some summer pushing & pulling and have and few questions that I hope someone can answer.I heard a few years back that Desmonds Landing was going to build a boating pond. Is this still going to happen? I'am looking for others that are into live steam,or tug capitons to pull/push around with in the greater Port Huron area. Is there a pond where they run at? Also,I would like to build a Barge from the same era and would like some ideas from others.......Coal...Logging....Crane...Rail? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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