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From: Ernie
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Date: 10/08/07
Time: 10:23 PM


Hi there, I'm working on a digital model of the Edmund Fitzgerald and my research has raised some questions regarding a few areas of the ship, mostly the aft deckhouse roof area. This is a list of the items I need help with: There appears to something printed on the stern end of one or both diesel tanks mounted on the aft deckhouse. Would anyone know what this would read? Are there any pics around so I could see what these items look like: compass binnacles and compass repeater on pilothouse, spotlights, diesel fuel tank vents, mast position light(s), level light, lifeboat winches, warping sheaves on front of bow and alongside, steering pole and mountings, man-overboard boom and mountings, hatch crane, gas bottle storage locker, stern anchor windlass and towing hooks, ensign staff and aft mast mountings, galley range exhaust fan. I would appreciate help on any of these items whether or not they are from the Fitz herself or from other vessels that used the same or similar equipment.

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