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From: Swordfish
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Date: 08/16/07
Time: 05:03 PM


Although the answers you've received concerning cost have been on target, there are less expensive ways to get started with R/C boating.Certainly converting a plastic kit as detailed elsewhere on this site is one approach. I happen to favor scratch-building with available, low cost materials and am in the process of completing a 1"=1' scale pushboat, "Unstable Mabel". ( see photo )The radio/ transmitter / servos cost $50 and the ESC cost $30. However, the motor and 6 v. gel cell battery were both surplus at $2 and $5 respectively. The rest of the materials came from my scrap pile , but if one had to purchase them, I don't believe the cost would be greater that $15. No, it's not a 6 ft/ model of big laker, but it was great fun to build and fun to play with on the water. Don't let costs discourage you. A friend has constructed a whole fleet of large scale tugs with several of them powered by cast-off electric screw drivers.

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