Re: Expensive?

From: Alan Hinchamn
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Date: 07/27/07
Time: 08:30 AM


Expensive is a relative term! I usually budget the following: $50 for foam, wood, and filler for a fiberglass plug; $80 for plaster of paris for the mold; $40 for fiberglass stuff for the hull; $15 for wood for deck and structure; $40 for styrene, plexiglass, and lexan; $20 for paint; $30 for lettering; $150 for fittings, railings, rudder; $50 for prop and stuffing shaft and flex connector; $8 for motor; $200 radio, speed controller, servo, receiver; and about $75 for misc stuff that comes up. To save on cost I use the running gear in multiple boats and buy supplies in bulk. Hope that helps.

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