CNC carving

From: Tom Hynes
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Date: 05/27/07
Time: 12:47 AM


After the oil change and tire rotation I planned to do this afternoon got rained out, I would up at the local Sears store, browsing in the tool department. I was intrigued to see something called a Craftsman CompuCarver computer controlled carving machine (link below). At $1900.00 I'm certainly not going to rush out and buy one, but my first thought was about what kind of impact this, and future computer controlled cutting devices will have on ship modeling. The current model will take stock up to 5 inches thick, 15 inches wide and of almost any length. But the 1 inch carving depth would be a real limitation for hull carving. But it might work well for things like cutting window, door, or hatch openings out of sytrene blanks. The best I could tell the cutting head moves up and down but the axis of rotation does not change. So it's not as versatile as a standard metal working CNC machine. Given its size and price, its geared towards the basement woodworker. I'm just curious, does anyone know of any modelers using similar equipment?

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