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Below is an example of using two part liquid casting resins to cast your own parts. 

Getting ready to cast a small winch. The parts are made and applied to a backing.  A dam to hold the RTV is on the right.   
Another view.  Before this was poured, a winch control and fire axe was added to the parts for casting.
The dam is glued in place.  Once set, the RTV is mixed with the catalyst.  Mix again and again.  Then mix some more.  A little RTV is poured into the mold.  Using a disposable brush, spread in and around the parts.  Try to brush out any air pockets that may have formed and "pick up" all of the detail.
After brushing around to get all of the detail from the "master" or original parts, slowly pour in the RTV to fill up the mold.
When the RTV has covered all of the parts, and then some, gently tap the filled mold on a hard surface.  This will help release trapped air bubbles and allow them to rise to the surface.  If the RTV is properly mixed,  the solidified rubber can be pulled away from the master in 24 hours.
(There was enough RTV left over to fill up another mold...this one is for step etched brass will be used for steps)
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