Dutch Canadian
By Chris Rombouts from the Netherlands

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Dutch Canadian
The Dutch Canadian was built partly from the original drawings from the lake boat Richelieu and builder Chris Rombouts' own design. Chris wanted to build a self unloader and the model was shortened so it can be transport by car.

The model is remote controlled. Items that work include; propeller, rudder, bow thruster, anchors, steering pole, radar, boarding ladder, navigation lights, anchor lights, danger lights, floodlights, deck lights, captains voice, horn and the whole self unloading gear.  The model took 5 years to build and has won various prizes in Holland.

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Builder Chris Rombout holding the model

In the water

The self unloader was a real challenge to build.  My first attempt was made of metal. This proved too heavy.  This second boom is made of abs. (plastic).  The hoist motor and the swing motor are placed on the boom itself.  The boom can swing to approximately 45 degrees to either side. 

The conveyor belt is made of the inner tube of a bicycle.  The most difficult part was the elevator that goes through the deck.  I used a tube with a spiral inside, like a drill.  It brings seeds from a small container below up on deck and on to the conveyor belt. It works rather well. There is still a little to much room between the spiral and the tube walls. This causes small seeds to get stuck sometimes.  I always have to check the seeds before I put them into the small  cargo room below deck.



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