Historic Vessel Gallery Feature -- Willowglen
Launched in 1943 at Great Lakes Engineering Works in River Rouge, Mi. as the Mesabi. Renamed Lehigh when the vessel entered service for Bethlehem Transportation Co. that year.  Sold to Pierson Steamships, Ltd. in 1981 and renamed Joseph X. Robert. Sold to P & H Shipping in 1982 and renamed Willowglen. Sold to Goderich Elevators in 1994 for use as a storage  hull.

Loading at Sarnia's Cargill elevators, October 4, 1986.  Marc Dease

willowglen86-1.jpg (108977 bytes)
Willowglen at the elevator.
willowglen86-2.jpg (186429 bytes)
Deck view from the wheelhouse.
willowglen86-3.jpg (95689 bytes)
Rainy fall day.
willowglen86-4.jpg (101407 bytes)
Beautiful wooden wheel.
willowglen86-5.jpg (107024 bytes)
Interior of the wheelhouse.
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Captain Jack Hartley with fellow boatnerd Duncan White.
willowglen86-8.jpg (97876 bytes)
Builders plate.
willowglen86-9.jpg (96224 bytes)
Ships bell, launched as the Mesabi, sold to Bethlehem Transportation and renamed Lehigh.
willowglen86-10.jpg (126445 bytes)
Loading at night.

Willowglen underway. Luke Collection

Downbound at the Soo Rob Burdick

At Goderich. Todd Davidson

Goderich summer 2001. Mike Nicholls

Summer 2002. Rob Farrow

Underway. Don Coles

Summer 2002. Don Coles

Lehigh downbound the Maumee River from the Cherry Street Bridge. She just finished loading grain at one of the Elevators upriver. Jim Hoffman

Lehigh with the bumboat "Deweys" alongside loading a grain cargo at the Midstates Elevator in Toledo. The grain cargo will be going out the Seaway and she will return back to the Lakes with a load of high grade ore loaded at a Seaway port. Jim Hoffman

February 2003, Mike Nicholls.

Stern view. Mike Nicholls

Mike Nicholls
Goderich Harbor January, 2003. Jim Bauer


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