1940 Sailing Season onboard the Charles M. Schwab
The images below were taken aboard the Charles M. Schwab by wheelsman Howard Foss during the 1940 sailing season. The pictures were sent in by Howard's grandson David Foss. Included is a rare view onboard during the 1940 Armistice Storm.


Schwab arriving at Two Harbors with the deck gang having problems with a sticky hatch leaf on 17
Schwab loading at #1 ore dock in Two Harbors, looks like the they are on their first run.

The deckwatches are using hatch battens to get some sticky ore to flow from the chute, the First Mate has his back to the camera.

Start of the 1940 Armistice Day storm, look at the sea just astern to starboard. 

The Armistice Day Storm of 1940 rampaged across the Great Lakes region with hurricane force winds to 80 mph and blizzard conditions on Nov. 11 what is now known as Veterans Day killing 154 people, including 59 in six shipwrecks on Lakes Michigan and Lake Erie. It intensified as it moved across the upper Midwest from Des Moines, Iowa, to Eau Claire, Wis., and over Lake Superior. Air pressure in Duluth, Minn., bottomed out at 28.66 inches of mercury (971 millibars).

Schwab on November 13 after arriving at the Mark Plant in Indiana Harbor, still has some ice on the bow.

W.H McGean arriving at Indiana Harbor heading for Inland Steel. The First Mate was from our hometown told my Grandfather later that they did not think they we going to make it due to icing up.

The 1st Assistant Engineer's door pushed in by the force of the storm.

The Captain A.C. Droulliard is on the left with the 1st and 2nd Mates.


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