Collector Photo Series SURVEY

Series #1 was published in late 2003 and the Marine Historical Society of Detroit is planning on offering more in this series of books featuring rare color photographs of Great Lakes ships.

To better tailor these books to user interests we have created the 8 question survey below.

Results are considered confidential and therefore individual responses will not be released, shared, or published. Rather survey results will be reported internally to the Board of Directors in aggregate data sets.

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1. Are you a member of the MHSD?    Yes No
2. Did you purchase a copy?    Yes No
    2 b. If No do you plan to in the future?  Yes No
3. Please describe your decision to order or not to order a copy and include an explanation on what you think of this publication.
4. If you chose not to order: What changes to the publication or this web site would make you more likely to order?
5. Have you purchased other publications from the society?
     Please explain why or why not.

6. Would you be willing to pay $35.00 or more for a three hundred plus page, top quality, hard cover book?   Yes No
7. Are you more interested in  early historical ships or
more recent vessels?
8. What Great Lakes related book would you like the Society publish next?

Click on image to preview all 24 pictures

Features twenty-four pictures plus those shown on the front and back covers,  7 by 10 inches.
The price is $12.95 for members and $20.00 for nonmembers.


November 22 Winner:
 Andrew Woudstra


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